Border Flows – a workshop

I am co-editing with Lynne Heasley (University of Western Michigan) a book on the history of Canadian-American water relations. This is part of the NiCHE-UCP environmental history series, and this series provides for a workshop to discuss chapter drafts. The workshop for this project is set for August 18-19 in Kingston, Ontario. In addition to actually discussing the drafts, we will be taking a cruise of the Thousands Islands/St. Lawrence!
This edited collection brings together a number of great scholars from both sides of the border. It features several sections with 3 contributions (with one exception due to a withdrawal) which is prefaced by an introduction. Here is the draft schedule for those who are interested:


Working Outline For

Border Flows: A Century of Canadian-American Water Relations


An Edited Volume on the Environmental History of

Water Along the Canadian-U.S. Border

Preface: Alan MacEachern


Introduction: Lynne Heasley and Daniel Macfarlane


Part One: Water Diplomacy and Tenure

Prologue: Dave Dempsey

Chapter One: Emma Norman and Alice Cohen (water governance)

Chapter Two: Noah Hall (IJC, Great Lakes, and environmental law)

Chapter Three: Andrea Charron (Northwest Passage and water sovereignty)


Part Two: Constructing Water: Power and Politics at the Border [theme, not title]

Introduction: David Massell

Chapter Four: Daniel Macfarlane (Niagara & St. Lawrence Seaway)

Chapter Five: Frédéric Lasserre (Water transfers)

Chapter Six: Jeremy Mouat (Columbia River Treaty)


Part Three: Ecological Agents of Change [theme, not title]

Introduction: Jim Feldman

Chapter Seven: Jennifer Read (sustainability & science of aquatic processes)

Chapter Eight: Nancy Langston (intersection of climate change, logging, and pollution in Lake Superior)

Chapter Nine: Jay Taylor (maritime ecosystems and historical processes)


Part Four: Ideas, Culture and Ecology of Place [theme, not title]

Introduction: Jerry Dennis

Chapter Ten: Lynne Heasley (IJC-anticipatory or iron ranges and seascapes)

Chapter Eleven: Sarah Hill (like oil and water)


Afterword: Graeme Wynn